Most eleven year olds are worried about which teacher/class they are going to have when school starts, or which friends will be in their class, but not Maxwell Lanfrank, he is most concerned about how he can make his Behind the Blue Initiative spread throughout  schools in all 50 states in the US.

Starting in 2015, when Max was 8 years old, Maxwell wanted to make all natural and organic personal care products that were safe for the entire family.  Along with coming up with recipes and ideas for fourteen unique and fun products, Maxwell wanted to show his support for the law enforcement community, A community that his father has been part of for the past 23 years as a Corporal in the Morris County Sheriffs Office so he created an organic lip balm and hand sanitizer called Behind the Blue. These Behind the Blue products are given out to law enforcement with a card thanking them for what they do.  When Max sells the Behind the Blue products online, he donates a portion of his proceeds to the C.O.P.S organization.

This year, we have decided to start a Behind the Blue Initiative Project, where local business’s or PBA’s can sponsor a school or a grade.  Max will work with the LEAD, DARE or School Resource Officer to explain Behind the Blue. Max will then be giving students the Behind the Blue Challenge, where he will ask them to take a Behind the Blue  lip balm or hand sanitizer and a card and sign a pledge saying that they will actively seek out someone in law enforcement, give them the Behind the Blue product and card, say thank you and take a selfie with the officer to be used in our online gallery and social media. The goal is to turn this into a viral movement.  We are also hoping to have the officers posting how many kids gave them products, and host a contest to see who gets the most. The best part about this is that the business or PBA that sponsors the school will go on our website as a Behind the Blue Supporter, and the C.O.P.S organization will get a donation on behalf of the school and business for each product that is purchased/handed out.  

If you are a law enforcement supporting business or a community that would like to bridge the  and would like more information about how you can be part of this Behind the Blue Initiative, please contact us.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @momaxgivesback .  are hoping to get this happening in every state in the US!