Interviews with kids and teens about their acts of courage

Jaden sits down with young people and asks What does courage mean to you?  and Can you tell me about a time that you had to summon courage?

I will be talking to to kids and interviewing them about what courage means to them and how they have had to use courage.  When I am not working on Random Acts of Courage, I run cross country and track as well as participate in junior lifeguards.  I also make YouTube videos for fun and I am obsessed with Survivor! I can’t wait for all of you to read my blogs and see my new “Kid’s Courage” series!

About Kid's Courage

Very often, courage is only thought of as those huge media driven events but young people are called upon to stand up for what they believe in, sometimes even on a daily basis.  For a kid, this can take you far outside your comfort zone.  Sometimes this can also be the opposite of what the popular opinion might be, but it is important for young people to recognize what they stand for and also what they will not stand for.

Stepping up for someone else, being kind to others, showing tolerance in an intolerant world, caring about our planet and being willing to put action behind words and ideas…that is what makes a real everyday hero.  Random Acts of Courage supports children and young adults who are will to “walk their talk”.

Give a Random Acts of Courage Lip Balm to a hero that you know or purchase one for yourself to spread the word of this movement and support Born This Way Foundation.  25% of the profits from this line will be donated to this wonderful organization. Their mission of “connecting young people in safe ways and empowering them with the skills and opportunities that will inspire them to create a kinder and braver world.” so closely mirrors our own values.

Please visit Jaden's blog often to learn about young people who have shared their stories of courage and thoughts on how to make the world a better place.

If you are interested or know someone who is, submissions of videos and essays for consideration can be sent to .  If you are chosen to be featured you will receive a Random Acts of Courage lip balm and a MoMax T-Shirt.

All that you need to do is answer these three questions:

1. Have you ever been in a situation that required you to stand up for what you believe in?

2. What did you do?

3. How did you feel about it?

All submissions will be acknowledged and will require a signed release from a parent or guardian before they can be posted.