Courage is...

Recently I sat down with some local teens and asked them what courage meant to them. We talked about situations that they were faced with or challenges they encountered. These are a few of their thoughts.

Courage means to me that, even if you don’t want to do something that frightens you, you have to try. Even if you can’t do it, there is no shame in trying. I had to use courage when I had to get over my fear of roller coasters and went on one at my friend’s party. Even though I was scared, I did it and somewhat enjoyed it.

Ian S., 13 Years Old

Courage is used when you have to stand up for what you believe in and, in many occasions, shows bravery.  I use courage when I was younger and, despite being terrified of the shadow of the lamp that looks like a human, I went to bed anyways.
Charlie E., 13 Years Old
Courage is basically the ability to do/go through something that you know will be difficult. It's when you stand up for yourself. We all do things that we may not actually know are courageous acts. For example, I used courage when I was bullied in Germany. I was scared to say anything. Eventually, I just straight up told the teacher and it ended.
Benni D., 13 Years Old
Courage is going through something that is hard and pushing through rough times. I used courage when I stood up for Henri in fourth grade against a bully.
Dylan G., 13 Years Old